Exoriens Fresh Ltd. specialises in the export of high quality fresh,
frozen & canned fruits and vegetables. Since its establishment
in Thailand, Exoriens Fresh has become a leading supplier of fresh Thai
produce to the Australian market. We export to markets around
the world, so don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries!


Exoriens Fresh establishes close relationships with our suppliers to ensure
only the best quality produce ever reaches our customers, with full
traceability. We are continuously expanding our technical knowledge
and raw material supply base via contract farming.

Every grower and packer we work with is certified to international
standards such as HACCP and Global GAP.

Although the core portion of our products is grown in Thailand,
we also source from many other nations in the region, thus
liberating our dependence on any one location and evading the risk
of unfavorable environmental or political conditions.


To ensure smooth transportation of our products at the very
peak of their freshness, we set up a vertically integrated
system through extensive supply chain management.

We cooperate closely with leading pack houses and manufacturers
to oversee the handling of our products at every stage. This
further allows us to offer packaging solutions to our customers
which benefit their bottom line.

Exoriens is always making efforts to stay ahead of trends in
packaging and transport practices, in order to maximize quality
and freshness and to minimize waste and inefficiency.

Additionally, we maintain cool storage facilities year-round,
for shipments that are out of season.


Exoriens Fresh is thoroughly knowledgeable about the requirements for
lab testing of fresh produce for export to markets around the
world. Every grower we source from is certified to international
standards such as Global GAP, and has full traceability.

Further, by overseeing all aspects of production and transport,
Exoriens may ensure that nothing will get in the way of safe,
healthy, and totally fresh produce reaching our customers.


Exoriens Fresh exports fresh and frozen produce to markets around the world. Depending on the
type of goods, we utilize export by both air and sea. We also consolidate smaller shipments for
restaurant and hotel chains worldwide.

Contact us for your supplies. We will source for you instantly!


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