Exoriens Fresh Ltd. has dedicated its focus to the export of
high-quality fruits and vegetables from Thailand and the region
at a competitive price. The categories of product which we regularly
export are listed below.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Exoriens Fresh core strength is in fresh produce. We offer both bulk
of individual products, and mixed shipments
of various products. Depending on the type of goods, we export
by both air and sea.

Please note that while some of our tropical fruits are available
all year round, others are seasonal.

For an Availability Chart of our fresh produce, please click here.

Exoriens Other Areas of Expertise

 Aseptic Coconut Water & Frozen Coconut Water Concentrate

Exoriens Fresh is proud to offer aseptic coconut water, and frozen
coconut water concentrates. The coconut water we export is
farmed 100% from Thai "Nam Hom" coconuts, and is immediately
pasteurized before aseptic packing. Our frozen concentrates
are exported for bottling around the world. We offer 30 and
60 brix varieties of frozen coconut water concentrate. All
our coconut water is available with a variety of packaging
options. Further, we can arrange OEM bottling for your label,
right here in Thailand. Exoriens Fresh has relationships with all
the major bottlers in Thailand, both PET and TETRA. We welcome
any inquiry on this exciting range of products.

 Frozen Fruits & IQF

Exoriens Fresh Ltd. offers frozen and IQF fruits and vegetables
for export, with varieties available by request.

The IQF process involves rapidly freezing fruit, pieces of
fruit, or vegetables so that they remain free-flowing. With
IQF, all the natural characteristics of fresh fruit and
vegetables are retained. Fruit and vegetables can be frozen
whole, or in slices of different sizes. IQF products are
easily processed as they defrost rapidly and are perfect
for portion control.

 Ready-to-Eat, Cans, & Jars

Exoriens Fresh utilizes a wide range of special packaging options for
the export of fresh fruit and vegetables. We work together with
modern packing houses to provide interesting and valuable ready-
to-eat solutions for our clients. On top of this, we also offer
traditional packaging such as cans and jars, and food-ingredient
volume packaging of fresh produce.

 Juices, Concentrates, & Purees

We fulfill high-volume orders of fruit-juice concentrates and
purees, sourcing only the highest quality for our customers.
Exoriens Fresh Ltd. works together with world-class factories
in order to provide the exact specifications that our customers
need. Check back soon for the arrival of our "Life" branded
100% juices - premium, exotic, and natural!

 Dry Goods & Other Foodstuffs

Exoriens Fresh consolidates shipments for hotel chains, restaurants,
and resorts worldwide. Shipments may include items such as:
Coconut Milk, Curry Paste, Sauces, Herbs, Spices, Noodles,
Rice, Flour, Utensils, General Asian Foodstuffs, Fresh Items,
Canned Items, Fruits & Vegetables, Flowers, and others.


We also make use of our extensive cool-chain knowledge and
access to engage in the export of both Cut Orchids (used for
garnishing and decoration) and Live Orchid Plants.

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