Exoriens 'Life' branded pineapples can be found in markets in
New Zealand and Australia. Try our sweet, succulent variety
for a taste you won't forget.

Pineapples have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical
flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. The area
closer to the base of the fruit has more sugar content and
therefore a sweeter taste and more tender texture. Although
the season for pineapple runs from March through June, they
are available year-round.

Look for pineapples that are heavy for their size. While
larger pineapples will have a greater proportion of edible
flesh, there is usually no difference in quality between a
small and large size pineapple. Pineapples should be free of
soft spots, bruises and darkened "eyes," all of which may
indicate that the pineapple is past its prime.

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