Exoriens has a reliable, year-round supply of fresh okra. We export
okra by air in bulk, or often mixed with asparagus and/or baby corn.

Okra is an annual tropical herb cultivated for its edible green seed
pod. These tender, unripe seed pods have a unique texture and
bittersweet flavor; and are used as a cooked vegetable, or to
thicken soups and stews.

The best tasting okra is green, soft and about 5 to 10 centimeters
long. Big okra have a flat taste, and may be too tough to eat. Okra
with soft, brown spots should not be eaten.

Okra is also known as: Gumbo, Lady fingers, Gombo, Bendi, Bhindi,
Okro, Bamieh, Quiabo, Okura, and in Thai: "Krachiap".

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