Exoriens Mangosteen for U.S.A.

This year, after eight seasons of experience shipping to other markets,
Exoriens has successfully begun exporting the "Queen of Fruits" to America.
Customer response has been very positive in terms of taste, appearance,
sizing, and price.

Exoriens practices contract farming; and provides full traceability to
its orchards, all of which are certified for Good Agricultural Practices.

The peak season for mangosteen is from May through August, however fruits
are available for export most of the year.

 The Packinghouse

The packinghouse has been inspected by APHIS and the Thai NPPO, and further certified for
Good Manufacturing Practices.

Here the mangosteens are thoroughly cleaned, graded, and sorted. We always pack a bit
extra, to account for any weight which may be lost in transit.











 The Irradiation Facility

The mangosteen arrives to the irradiation facility, where it will be inspected by
the on-site APHIS inspector and the representative of the Thai NPPO. Once they
announce that the fruits are clean and free of pests, the pallets are wrapped and
loaded onto the conveyor leading into the irradiation room. Irradiation of up to
16 pallets usually takes about one hour.












 The Airport

The truck leaves the irradiation facility for the airport, already pre-cooling the fruit
for transit. Our experienced quality control team is present at all stages to insure
proper handling of the fruits. The container or air pallet is fully loaded, wrapped
for protection, and then sent along the way to the customer!






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