Exoriens Co., Ltd. exports fresh lychee throughout the three
big harvest periods in Thailand. The harvesting starts from
mid-March in Chanthaburi followed by Samut Songkhram (early
to mid-April) and Changmai (mid-late April). The northern
lychee ripens almost 2-4 weeks later than the moderately low
temperature cultivars from mid-May through mid-June. Hand
picking is the sole harvesting method.

Exoriens' lychees are of superior quality and have a plump,
full-bodied fruit, with firm, sweet, and juicy flesh which
separates cleanly and easily from the skin. Our production is
overseen by an experienced horticultural manager able to deal
with appropriate crop management practices such as irrigation,
tree nutrition, pest load etc. We also have efficient packing
and cool room facilities to export the fruit.

All of Exoriens' fresh lychees are thoroughly cleaned before
export. Branches are cut off of the lychees, leaving a stem of
only about 0.3-0.5 cm. This minimizes the chances of any
infestation by insects. Extensive cool-chain management
ensures that the fruit is preserved at the height of its
quality, all the way from the farm to the customer.

Exoriens has experience shipping lychee to distant locations,
with transit times of as much as 30 days from Thailand. The
company utilizes the best techniques in packing and loading
lychees to eliminate the risk of any deterioration in quality.

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