Exoriens Co., Ltd. has grown its ginger business over the past seven
years, and is now counted among the most successful exporters of
Thai ginger. We have developed relationships which go all the way
to the farms, helping establish modern protocols for growing and
processing which bring benefits to our customers - and our farmers.

All ginger which passes through Exoriens' modern packing facility
is Global GAP and TESCO Nurture certified; and further tested by an
internationally approved laboratory to ensure its safety for customers.

Thai ginger is of a very high quality, with a taste profile deemed far
superior to its chinese counterpart. Exoriens closely manages all
aspects of its supply chain to ensure fresh ginger reaches its
customers completely mold free and without defects.

The Thailand season for fresh ginger runs from December until March.
Exoriens keeps ginger in climate-controlled storage for out-of-season
shipments between April and November.

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