Welcome to Exoriens!

Exoriens Fresh Ltd strength is in fresh produce, so we have expertise in�
maintaining the cool-chain "from field to fork" for all the items we�
work with. We export both under our own brand "Exoriens" and�
under customer brands - depending on the market and the�
customer's needs. We work closely with all our customers and�
suppliers, and are constantly re-investing to bring our production�
standards up-to-date to keep up with evolving requirements in�
terms of food safety and traceability.

Exoriens Fresh is always looking for new markets and new partners�
to work with, worldwide; and we are glad to serve any inquiry�
for fresh produce from Thailand or the region. We are a customer-
service focused organization, and have a lot to offer in terms of�
open communication and reliability. We like to take on new�
challenges, and regularly go out of our way to source produce�
that will exactly match the needs of our customers. We never�
'standardize' our exports - maintaining flexibility so that each�
product will be tailored to customer preference.�Exoriens
maintains a long-term view, with the intent to build a�market
together with our import and distribution partners for�each
product, in each location.

Exoriens Fresh provides a unique service for those interested to import�
fresh produce from Thailand. We understand that hard work and�
relationships built on trust are the keys to success. We take our
responsibilities to our customers�very seriously, and will continue
making every effort to ensure that their demands are met or

Above all, we have a passion for tropical produce that we want�
to share with the world!

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